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Progetto & Partnership

The management and protection project of the site has been entrusted to the Pro Loco of San Nicola Arcella, an organization dedicated to promoting and enhancing the local area. The Pro Loco will have the task of guiding tourists on this wonderful journey to discover Arcomagno, providing information, assistance, and ensuring a pleasant and well-managed experience.

Furthermore, the Pro Loco commits to the cleaning and routine maintenance of the site, ensuring that Arcomagno is kept in optimal conditions for visitor enjoyment. This guarantees a welcoming and clean environment, contributing to preserving the natural appearance and beauty of the place.

The proceeds from the management of entries and visits will be reinvested in the protection and promotion of Arcomagno. In addition to covering the costs of staff and management itself, these funds will be used to implement conservation measures, improve infrastructure, and promote environmental education activities.

The Pro Loco has established important partnerships with two local associations. One of these is “Mare Pulito,” an environmental association dedicated, for this project, to raising awareness among schools about the importance of protecting Arcomagno and the marine environment. By organizing visits for school children and teenagers, “Mare Pulito” aims to educate the younger generations on the conservation of the local ecosystem, encouraging them to become responsible guardians of the natural heritage.

The other association is “Visit Papasidero,” which focuses on promoting the site through its channels aimed at visitors and tourists of the Pollino National Park. This partnership will allow greater visibility for Arcomagno, not only locally but also at a regional and national level. “Visit Papasidero” will offer visit packages to Arcomagno, combining the site experience with other attractions and activities in the surrounding area, creating a more complete and attractive tourist offer.

These collaborations are crucial for promoting the knowledge and awareness of Arcomagno, involving both the local community and external visitors. Through such joint efforts, it will be possible to ensure better protection, conservation, and enhancement of this wonderful site, making the visitors’ experience even more enriching and meaningful.

Comune Di San Nicola Arcella
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