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Trail of Arch of Aeneas

There’s another captivating route to Arcomagno, trail of Arch of Aeneas, which will offer you additional wonders along your journey. This trail leads you through breathtaking landscapes, including the stunning beach of the Prete cave, with the enchanting islet of U’ Scuogl d’u Scurzune majestically standing in front of it. Here, you can witness an extraordinary spectacle, with seagulls landing on its surface and soaring in the surrounding air. Continuing on the path, you’ll come across the Arch of Aeneas, the smaller sibling of Arcomagno, but equally impressive, surprising you with its play of colors in the crystalline waters.

Next, you’ll pass through a tunnel carved into the rock, a unique experience that will add a touch of adventure to your journey. You’ll emerge on another charming little beach, where you’ll face a staircase carved into the rock to continue your journey towards Arcomagno.

This stretch of the path might require a bit more effort, but it will undoubtedly be worth it. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and be equipped with a hiking spirit, ready to take on this challenge.
The Aeneas Trail offers an adventurous experience filled with extraordinary views. Every step will bring you closer to the incredible beauty of Arcomagno, and you’ll be rewarded with the feeling of having conquered a magical and hidden place along the Calabrian coast.

Remember to bring everything you need to enjoy this path at its best: water, a light backpack, and your camera ready to capture every unforgettable moment along the way. Don’t forget to fully immerse yourself in the adventure atmosphere and admire every detail of the wonderful land surrounding you. The trail is of medium difficulty, and it’s recommended to wear shoes. Not very suitable for children.

Buy the Ticket for the Arcomagno Tour

Biglietti Escursione Arcomagno

Nota: Una volta acquistato il biglietto si riceverà una mail, all’indirizzo rilasciato in fase di acquisto, con il numero dell’ordine effettuato. Controllare per sicurezza anche la cartella dello SPAM. L’email con il numero d’ordine deve essere presentata il giorno  dell’escursione all’Arcomagno.

  • Sosta consentita 30 minuti.
  • Apertura sito dalle ore 9.00 alle ore 18.30. Primo ingresso ore 9.30, ultimo ingresso ore 17.30.
  • Il prezzo per i bambini fino a 12 anni è € 1,50 .
  • È possibile acquistare il biglietto anche in loco.
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