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Arcomagno San Nicola Arcella

Experience an unforgettable journey in one of the most beautiful spots of the Riviera dei Cedri and all of Calabria.

The Arcomagno of San Nicola Arcella

The Arcomagno of San Nicola Arcella is a captivating geological formation located along the picturesque Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria, nestled in the stunning Riviera dei Cedri, within the marvelous Gulf of Policastro. This extraordinary natural gem is a true feast for the eyes.

It is the outcome of erosive processes that have shaped the coastline over millennia. Its main feature is a majestic natural arch that gracefully extends towards the sea. This grand structure has been carved by the relentless action of sea waves, which, over the centuries, have wisely eroded the coastal rock, creating a unique and breathtaking landscape.

The arch spans about 50 meters, offering a sense of wonder and enchantment to all who behold it. It is a masterpiece of nature, providing an extraordinary and picturesque scene. But there’s more: Arcomagno holds a hidden treasure. Nested among its majestic walls lies a small beach, originally known as Grotta d’u Saracinu.
This little earthly paradise appears as a secret realm, with a half-moon shaped natural lagoon stretching about 25 meters. Shielded by the great arch, the lagoon creates a one-of-a-kind environment that charms its visitors.

The Arcomagno of San Nicola Arcella is a must-visit for nature lovers and those seeking breathtaking views. Reaching it is like embarking on a journey to an enchanted world, where the power of the sea merges with nature’s sculptural art to create a timeless masterpiece. Do not miss the chance to explore this hidden treasure and experience an unforgettable adventure on the magnificent Calabrian coast.

The trail

Trail of a Thousand Colors

Trail of Aeneas Arch

Because management and control

The Arcomagno cave is classified as a geosite of national interest by ISPRA (the Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research), highlighting its significance and uniqueness. This site is extremely delicate and requires careful protection and enhancement. To ensure its preservation and allow everyone to fully appreciate its beauty, regulating and monitoring access has become necessary.

Due to the high number of visitors flocking to the small bay within the cave, the site’s protection was compromised. Therefore, restrictions on access and a control system were introduced to maintain a balance between conservation and enjoyment. These measures have helped preserve the integrity of the cave and ensure that each visitor can fully enjoy its beauty. In addition to protecting the site, the limitations and controls have also contributed to creating a more enjoyable experience for those who visit, preventing overcrowding and ensuring a tranquil and enchanting environment.

In conclusion, the Arcomagno cave is a natural treasure that requires our care and attention. Thanks to the measures implemented to limit access and control the influx of visitors, the site can be protected and appreciated by all who wish to explore its wonder and experience an unforgettable adventure on the magnificent Calabrian coast.


You can park in the center of San Nicola Arcella in the municipal parking lots and take an urban shuttle to reach Marinella beach, or you can drive and access the parking lots of the beach resorts. Beware! Near the beach resorts, there are no parking spaces dedicated to Arcomagno, only private paid parking lots.

Having food and drinks (except water); smoking; bringing bulky items (umbrellas, deck chairs, cooler bags, beach toys, inflatables); entering barefoot; lingering under the rock and close to the cave; swimming under the arch.

Yes, on a leash, complying with the rules for collecting waste.

Yes, if accompanied by adults.

No, passage under the arch is prohibited and subject to criminal penalties.

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arcomagno dall'alto
baia di San Nicola Arcella
baia di San Nicola Arcella
sentiero dell'arcomagno San Nicola Arcella
sentiero dell'arcomagno San Nicola Arcella
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sentiero dell'arcomagno San Nicola Arcella
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